Play area

What ages can play at Kids Play Cafe?

1-7 years (in the playground area)

Our Play Area:

Our play area includes a custom designed indoor playground for children, with a soft-padded grassy turf for their little feet! We also have a roadway for children to 'scoot' along.  There is a second play area with an indoor cedar playhouse, custom train table, animal toys and much more! For the infants, we have activity blocks and panels. Come and check it out!

Food available at Kids Play Cafe?

We serve Lavazza famous Italian coffee, teas, fruit smoothies, fruit snacks, organic chips, hummus, yogurt, pizza, soups, Sandwiches, and baked goods. For more detail check our menu section.  

No shoes please!

To help keep Kids Play Cafe as clean and sanitary as we can; we ask children and adults to remove their shoes prior to checking in. The indoor playground area is a "socks only" environment and we sell socks for purchase for children. 

We are not a Nut free Facility!

We understand that some children have allergies to nuts; therefore, we do ask that you let us know in advance if the child has a certain diet or allergy and we will accommodate to your needs . We feel that all kids deserve a chance to play at our cafe. 

Do you have WIFI access?

Don't worry we've got you covered!! Coffee and Wi-Fi go hand in hand. Please ask our Barista

or staff on duty for the access code.