About Us


The idea of Kids Play Cafe is to create a sophisticated coffeehouse, with an indoor playground that would be suitable and safe for younger children. Kids Play Cafe would offer this younger crowd with the ability to freely play on the playground and engage in fun toys; all, within the reach of their parents or caregivers.  This would give the parent time to sip on a cup of coffee or tea, sit and relax, and watch their child play. We also envisioned Kids Play Cafe as being a social hub, where locals from the neighbourhood would be able to bring their children together to play, while the parents would get to network and build friendships.

We wanted to bring to the community a place like Kids Play Cafe. We have put a lot of time into planning and designing our cafe, choosing play equipment, and making our vision come alive. We really hope that you appreciate all our efforts, and you join us in sharing our unique cafe with your friends.

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