Is Kids Play Café a childcare center?

Kids Play Café is not a childcare center. Parents and Guardians are fully responsible of watching their children.

Is there Stroller Storage?

Kids Play Café offers storage for strollers; though we have a limited space.

What kind of payment methods do you accept?

Kids Play Café accepts Visa, MasterCard, Debit and Cash.

How big is the play area?

Kids Play Café offers over 700 sq ft of playing area for children.

Are there dedicated parking spots for Kids Play Cafe?

There are five parking stalls towards the side of Kids Play Cafe. There is also street parking directly in front of the unit and across the street (two-hour maximum). There is also overflow parking at the Church.

Am I allowed to bring my own food to Kids Play Cafe?​

As there are a lot of food allergies nowadays, we would like to keep Kids Play Cafe a controlled environment; therefore, we do not permit you to bring food or drink to the facility (with the exception of baby formula). **We are not a peanut free zone. Food may be brought in for severely allergic children; however, prior consent from staff at Kids Play Café is required.

Am I able to bring children over the age of 6 to Kids Play Cafe?​

Kids Play Cafe welcomes all children; however, we have a strict policy that does not permit children over the age of six on the indoor playground or other toys. Children who are over the age of six can rent a play kit for a small charge, or they can accompany the guardian at no charge.

Do you clean and sanitize toys?​

The indoor playground and toys are cleaned frequently throughout the day with hospital grade Sanitizer. We also have sanitizing stations with wipes which Guardians can use. If your child vomits or makes a mess in the play area, it must be reported to staff at Kids Play Café immediately.

Do I have to stay with my child?​

Yes, you are responsible for your child and therefore must stay with your child at all times. Our cafe is designed for Parents and Guardians to relax while the child plays!

Can I bring my sick child to Kids Play Cafe?​

We Strive to create a germ free and sterile environment so we ask that you do not bring your sick child to Kids Play Café.

Is Kids Play Café wheel chair accessible?​

Yes, there is a ramp in the front to get into our building, and all areas are fully accessible for wheelchairs.

Do you have diaper changing facilities?​

Absolutely! We have changing tables in each of the washrooms. We also offer complimentary wipes and diapers to our customers. Please ask Kids Play Café staff, who can provide you with any of these items.

Do you offer free Wi-Fi?

Yes, we offer free WIFI to all of our customers. You will get a maximum of two-hours of WiFi.